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Car Wheel Tutorial FINISHED!

April 23, 2011

It’s late at night once again.  The fiance and the baby are sound asleep, and I’m wide awake on coca cola going at it on Blender.  I’m really loving this program and can’t soak in enough information fast enough.  But I did get to finish up a tutorial tonight and I’m quite pleased with myself.

The tutorial is on how to make a wheel (tire and rims) with Blender by Andrew Price from The tutorial was written in the 2.49 beta of Blender and I had to update and modify the way some things were done for 2.57.  I did run into a couple of road blocks but I was able to manipulate the final mesh enough to get it looking good on a render.  I don’t think I could use this in any animation because you’d probably see the deformations, but from the untrained eye it’s not that shabby.

So I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback!

You can follow this tutorial at:

Jeremy Deighan


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  1. Natasha Rivero permalink

    Estupendo mi amor!!! Looks great!! Love that the background is black because it really accentuates the rim!!! Another very successful tutorial!!! Very proud if YOU! keep them coming honey!!! love you!

  2. Lars Lovlie permalink

    Looks great. Btw, just a quick tip: Blenderguru (BG) is a great site with awesome tutorials, but you might also want to check out (BC). Those two sites are sort of complimentary, with BG more focused on rendering / compositing / lighting and BC more on the modelling in my opinion…

  3. Thanks Lars! I’ve definitely checked out and have them added to my RSS Feed. I’m trying to do all the BG tutorials to catch up with the current stuff, and then I’m gonna do some blendercookie stuff too. Know of any other good sites?

    Jeremy Deighan

  4. Lars Løvlie permalink

    Not really, no 😛 Those are the only two sites which I’m actively following for Blender tutorials (and that’s about what I have time for anyway, I suppose). Youtube is of course an option, but very unreliable. Although David Ward has some interesting series there occasionally which do not show up at BC (Johnnie Blender)…

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