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Martini Anyone?

April 25, 2011

Here was a quick tutorial I did tonight of a martini glass. This was a great little tutorial on using the spin modifier and the loop cut and slide function. It also gives a good description on using textures. I think the glass came out looking good. Tell me what you think!

Jeremy Deighan

Follow this tutorial at: Blender 3D Design Course


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  1. Natasha Rivero permalink

    I think it came out wonderful!!!! So real it made my mouth water!!! Nice and dirty like I like it!!! Cheers to an awesome job!!!

    • Great Link! Thanks for the info I’ll check that out. That Martini glass is a tutorial from the website but I might mess around with it some more and try to get a more real looking feel to it.

      Jeremy Deighan

  2. sherry permalink

    I said earlier, where the comment went, I’ll never know, that it looked real good, but it would be better if if were a biiiiggggeeeeeerrrrrr glass with a “Mudslide” in it. You are really doing great and I am very proud of ya.. Aunt Sherry

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