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Underground Subway Scene FINISHED!

May 3, 2011

Today was a great day in the Blender world.  Andrew Price posted his second installment of how to Create an Underground Subway Scene and it was wonderful.  It included information on how to add textures, lighting, and how to do compositing for a final render.  The effects and tips used are priceless and I recommend anyone to follow along to one or both of this two part series of tutorials.  Without further ado…

Please leave feedback, comments, or questions on what you as the viewer think!  You can follow along with this tutorial at:

Create an Underground Subway Scene

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll have something new posted sooner than later, so come back and visit often!

Jeremy Deighan


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  1. Hey Jeremy, it looks great! I personally think it looks a tiny bit empty without the signal lights, but otherwise you captured the effects perfectly. Good job!

  2. Natasha permalink

    Wow!! Who would have thought it would have come to live like that??! Great job! To think it ALL started with a square!!! Awesome work!! Keep it coming!!!!

  3. Thanks David, I appreciate it. I definitely see some things that could be improved but overall the quality is really good. The rails on top look a little grayish and a more shiny, reflective material would set them off.

    But I really only recently started cracking into the compositor and Andrew has some really good tips on how to use it. I can’t wait to start trying these effects on my own renders. Thanks again for the input!

    Jeremy Deighan

  4. Fernando Rivero permalink

    Looks so real ! Can pass as a picture !

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