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High Rise Building

June 13, 2011

Hello Everyone!  This image is from the 2-Part Architecture Series on  The in-depth tutorial covers fundamentals of creating buildings and architecture with arrays, mirrors, and various other modelling techniques.  The second part of the tutorial goes into the texturing, lighting, and compositing. Drop a line to let me know what you think!

You can also follow along with this tutorial here:
Complete Architecture Series

Jeremy Deighan


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  1. Hey Jeremy!
    Just went through all your posts and yep, even though I was half asleep last night I got it right – you are getting awesome results out of the tutorials, congratulations. Not everyone actually does them (I’m pretty sure the percentage of doers/viewers is below 50%) and of those not everyone gets good results (the key is to try again!).

    This tutorial interests me particularly as I’d like to have a go at archiviz, it’s on my to-do list and your result really motivates me!

    I’ve been pretty busy with tutorials too and I really miss working on a project of my own. It’s when I learn the most! Any project of your own in the works, or is that top-secret? 🙂

    • Wow Fax, thanks for the wonderful comment. I have been slacking but I will be sure to stop by your site again today to check out all you got. I was impressed with the stuff I saw parousing through the first time.

      I do have a big big top secret project in the works, but it’s so big and top secret I’m not sure if it’ll ever get done. Haha. I guess you gotta take baby steps, right? Other than that I’m still just doing these tutorials to learn a spectrum of tools and techniques.

      Currently I’m trying to do all the’s tutorials so that I can be on time with his weekly posts. He has a lot of good information, and his tutorials are so jam packed. I also want to do some tutorials also. But all in all I’d like to start doing my own animations.

      I have enjoyed doing more realistic scenes than when I used to do 3D work years ago because I really didn’t understand texturing, lighting, and compositing. It makes more sense to me, but I really love doing animation most. I love music and timing, so I’d like to make a simple rig and just try hundreds of different motions for the rig to do. Anyways, talk to ya soon!

      Jeremy Deighan
      ps – I’m on #blender, #blenderchat, and #luxrender more frequently if you’re ever around.

      • Wow, that is a very ambitious goal. If someone came to me and said “I’m going to do all the backlog of Andrew’s tutorials and then each of them as they come out” I’d quickly dismiss them as very eager but delusional, but now seeing what you’ve done so far I know that it’s possible and I’m 100% sure you’ll do it. Keep it up. So far I’ve used blenderguru more like a reference when I need to achieve a compositing effect or something I just haven’t tried before (like smoke or the particles you see in my Date in the Sunset scene), but by actually doing them (all!) you’ll be racking up a crazy amount of knowledge on a lot of things.

        Keep in touch! I’ve already subscribed to the RSS here so keep the goodies coming 🙂 I’m afraid IRC will ruin my productivity, but I might drop by some time.

      • Haha well some of these tutorials are very enjoyable and I gotta set goals or I’d never learn anything! I have skipped a couple either because of having too much trouble converting from 2.49, I watched the video and didn’t see anything new to learn, or the blend starter file provided wasn’t correct. I think it was the lightning storm blend file that was different or not right when I was trying to follow along so I watched the tutorial and moved on.

        I have been playing around with screen capture software and might take a stab at making my own tutorial soon. I think it would be fun to pass on all the knowledge I’ve gained so far. 😀

        Jeremy Deighan

  2. Naty permalink

    Super cool!!! Really enjoy all the detail!! Keep up the great work!!!

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