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Realistic Kitchen

June 14, 2011

This tutorial was quite a long one but it lays the foundations of modelling.  Andrew Price from shows how to use a whole gamut of modelling tools and shortcuts.  I didn’t model the whole kitchen because I am doing this just to pick up the basic information and processes from these tutorials.  Even still, this rendering looks amazing, rendered with LuxRender (big props to everyone working on it!).  The Architecture Series also inspires me to do my own realistic architecture projects, so look forward to some in the future!

As always, feel free to leave comments and let me know how you think I’m progressing, and anything different I could do better!

Check out this 2-Part Architecture Series here:
Create a Realistic Kitchen

Jeremy Deighan


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  1. Fernando Rivero permalink

    It Looks like a picture Jer !

  2. Natasha Rivero permalink

    I love the sun rays coming in!!! Makes it feel like a fresh morning in a beautiful kitchen!!! Muy Buen Trabajo!!

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