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Mirrored Room

June 15, 2011

Here is a render I did last night with Blender and LuxRender.  It’s just a simple room with those mirrored panels you see in dance studios or workout rooms.  I just wanted to mess around with the settings with LuxRender.  I see some things I could adjust, but I have a better feeling of how the render is working and how long it takes to render an image like this.  Once again, great work to the team working on both Blender and LuxRender!

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions on anything you see that could be better!  Positive criticism is always appreciated!

Jeremy Deighan


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  1. Hey Jeremy, good stuff. I see this is just experimental but one tip I could (maybe) give you is to change your light source to Sun or just put it really far from the scene. “Maybe” because it’s not easy to tell in the image (it can be the crop that is misleading me) but it seems like the light patches on the floor are not parallel, which they would be when lit by the sun (since it’s so far away the angle between light rays is infinitely small).

    You probably also noticed the far corner of the walls being too bright, maybe giving the walls actual depth will help with that? I know it does with Blender Internal renderer (see, but maybe the problem you’re having is different with Lux.

    Hope these are useful. Keep the experiments coming!

  2. Hey Fax,

    Been working all week and haven’t been on the computer much. I did notice the light patches on the floor and I’ll have to do some tweaking, but if I’m not mistaken that is coming from the mirrors. I don’t think that I was getting that before the mirrors were added. My guess is that the light is bouncing off the mirror and adding to the light on the floor but I’m not totally certain until I can do more testing.

    I think that corner got bright from the mirror also but not sure why. Maybe it’s light bouncing off the mirror sideways back to the wall, and then the bounce light from the wall adding to it. Hopefully in a day or two I’ll have an answer.

    Thanks for the input though, let me know what ya think it might be!

    Jeremy Deighan

    Edit – Reread your post. The lamp is a LuxRender sun lamp so I’m not sure changing it’s position from the model will change anything but I’ll check that out. That link is superb thank you, another good idea!

  3. Yeah, if it’s a sun lamp then those must be parallel and it was the perspective that tricked me. If you’re paranoid 🙂 it’s just a matter of setting up a camera looking directly at the light patches to see if they really are parallel (would be really weird, probably a bug if they weren’t).

  4. hey dude good stuff how ya did tht glow effect on the window

    • That happens automatically with LuxRender since that renderer is putting out the information with real physics.

      Jeremy Deighan

  5. I think it looks, good, a small detail that would help sell the scene would be to add trim, base board and possibly a ballet bar or something on the wall. But it looks pretty good

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