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Low Character Poly – Chapter 02

March 11, 2013

Low Character Poly – Chapter 02

And here is the final high resolution sculpt for the low poly character training series!  I think it turned out great and love Jonathan Williamson’s explanations of the tools to make this come to life.  I recommend this training series for anyone interested in learning how to sculpt in Blender, or even to learn basic 3D sculpting and anatomy.

The next chapter, Chapter 03, will begin the process of modeling a low resolution model from this high resolution model.  From there, I’ll be able to “bake” the high resolution detail to the low resolution model.  This allows games to look realistic while still maintaining a low poly count for better performance.

Leave comments to let me know what you think or if you have any questions about the series!

Jeremy Deighan

You can find the series here:
Low Poly Game Character Training Series



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