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Past Work:

10 – Infomercial Spoof of “24” for Citibank

Bioforce (Lifewave) – Infomercial for Davis Hammond Direct

Telly Award (Bronze) 2004

David Hammond Direct Logo

GNO Pro (Grenada Nutmeg Oil) – Infomercial for Affiliated Media

Telly Award (Bronze) 2004

Healthline – Infomercial for Davis Hammond Direct

From Tutorials:

Rocket Steam Locomotive (

Car Wheel (

Castle (

Underground Subway (

Realistic Outdoor Lighting (

Realistic Fire (

Volumetric Clouds (

Camera Mapping (

Making Puddles (

Let it Snow (

Flamethrower (

Sizzling Title Intro (

Bring the Rain (

High Rise Building (

Realistic Kitchen (

Realistic Earth (

Mirrored Room

Get Money Get Paid (

Stylized Dragon (

Ice Ice Baby (

Low Poly Concrete Barrier (

Human Head (

GroundHog (

Axe (

Ocean Scene (

Realistic Water (

Realistic Grass (

Camera Tracking (

Object Tracking (

Architectural Visualization (

Competition Sculpt

Island Environment (

Creating a Tornado (

Realistic Materials (

Realistic Fruit Splash (

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