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Low Character Poly – Chapter 04 – Skin (WIP)

March 24, 2013

Low Character Poly – Chapter 04 – Skin (WIP)


I got the skin unwrapped tonight also!  After I unwrap the clothing I will be starting the second DVD of this training course.  I think it’s going really well, but please leave comments and criticisms on what you think!

Jeremy Deighan


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  1. wieselstein permalink

    Hello Jeremy

    you have a mighty will and you go through this very long process.
    That’s admirable
    It takes so much patience to learn 3d.
    This is only possible with a lot of joy
    I can feel the joy of you
    Excuse my Google translator English…


    • Thank you wielselstein, I really appreciate your comments! I look forward to learning all the processes and hopefully building a career out of this!

  2. Natasha permalink

    Looking good!! Can’t wait to see the final piece!!!

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